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To the official fansite of Actress Anna Wilding
(Disclaimer: This is not Anna's biography or work history. This is a fan site set up by fans.This site was voted in the top Ten Fansites in the World in France for three years. All pages on this site scroll down. Enjoy the site! )

Anna's latest film "Buddha Wild - The Monk in a Hut " can be bought in the USA from and and seen in cinemas.

"A surprisingly pleasant trip" LA Weekly, USA - Mark Olsen

" A beautiful Film" - Moving Pictures Magazine

Anna Wilding contributes to and this is a good source for updates



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Anna has been seen out and about at
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Help Stop Cyber Bullying

Anna Wilding was thanked by New Line and producer Mark Ordesky of Lord of the Rings for her "humanitarian work" on all three Lord of the Rings Films, through her lawyers in New York.

There were many lawsuits on Lord of the Rings, but these did not involve Anna. However, there have been attempts to discredit and sabotage Ms Wilding by anonymous stalkers/cyber bullies, who may have been involved or connected to various law suits with regards to the films. Anna Wilding was not and has never been, a party to any law suit connected to these films.

These cyber bullies/stalkers are attempting to present information about Ms Wilding as though she is personally known to them and/or that they have personal information that is not generally available to the public. Anything represented by these people which purports to be factual is both fraudulent and presented without Ms Wilding’s authority or approval. Ms Wilding has been the subject of a concerted campaign of cyber bullying for some 4-6 years for reasons only known to the perpetrators themselves.

Ms Wilding has been in the public eye since she was a child and expects to receive criticism from time to time. It is unfair however, to be the subject of vile, misleading and deceptive commentaries that serve maliciously to undermine a person’s professional and personal reputation and Ms Wilding is intent on putting a stop to the lies and falsehoods being spread about her.

The persons responsible have told many lies including the fact that Anna Wilding instigated legal proceedings in connection with Lord of the Rings. This claim, like the others, is without foundation and untrue!

If anyone has any information relevant to the persons responsible for this harassment, you are invited to please instruct the webmaster at this site and the matter will be forwarded to the appropriate authorities.

With thanks.


UPDATES 2002/2003


It has come to our attention that there are some bogus nude photos of Anna floating around on the Internet. Anna would just like to take this opportunity to state that she has never done any nude photography of any sort, and anything out there is definately fake.



Anna in the Wild West
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Anna Dressed by BCBG Max Azaria USA
Save the Children